Buy and Sell Gold, Silver, Watches and Antiques

At OuroCerto we buy and sell gold, silver, watches and antiques guaranteeing honesty, secrecy, security and privacy.
We bought any article made of gold, large or small, ancient or modern, in good condition or damaged.
We buy silver objects whether for personal use (rings, earrings, wires, bracelets, medals ...) or decorative objects (jugs, candlesticks, tableware, cigarette boxes ...).
We also buy watches and antiques.
Purchased items that are in good condition are available for resale in our outlet stores.
Also know that you can sell and acquire your objects through monthly installments.

Sell the items you no longer use

OuroCerto improves any market proposal. Consult us before selling your items. We evaluate your objects without any cost or commitment!
Our team of professionals has extensive experience and expertise in the market for buying and selling used items. Our agencies have an Official Appraiser by the Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda which guarantees a rigorous evaluation of their objects. We also do evaluation at your residence.
Are your objects damaged? We also evaluate them at the best prices on the market!
Also know that you can convert your objects into gold bars.

Purchase gold bars and other items at competitive prices

Invest in gold bars! Buying gold is a safeguard in case of crisis and unlike objects and jewelry its price is not influenced by artistic value.
The purchased items, after an analysis by the Official Appraiser (present in all OuroCerto stores) are available for resale in our outlet stores always at the most competitive prices on the market.
If you are looking for a specific item (a medal, bracelet, jar...) contact us or address one of our stores or outlet stores with your request and we will do our best to find the item you want.