Western Union - Send and receive money in a safe and easy way!

Western Union is a secure, quick and easy money transfer service that allows you to send and receive money to any part of the world. Western Union is a world leader in the money transfer industry, with more than 150 years of existence.


National and international money transfers within minutes.

It has more than 480,000 locations in about 200 countries and territories.

The recipient receives the money safely, within established time.

How can I send money?

Enter the recipient's details and the amount to be transferred.

Show your ID.

Pay the amount to be transferred and the price of the service.

Save the form that contains the 10-digit transaction code (MTCN).

Inform the recipient that the operation was performed.

How can I receive the money?

Enter the sender's data.

Show your ID.

Sign the receipt and receive the money.

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